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                About Us

                Kaiping Weifeng Plastic Co., Ltd

                Set design production sales in one of the plastic manufacturers

                Kaiping Weifeng Plastic Co., Ltd is located in Kaiping City shuikou Town shagang Zhenhua Changzhen Road no. 10 backseat building A, B, C, D, is A collection of production, sales, design as one of the Plastic flexible packaging manufacturers.  We adhere to good quality, good faith service, innovative ideas, perfect details to serve every customer.  The company now has domestic and foreign excellent equipment and technology, management personnel.  All the staff of the company sincerely welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation, guidance and advice, we will provide you with excellent service, low price......


                Weifeng Plastic Professional Quality

                Provide efficient system solutions


                Adopt environmental protection technology to prevent damage to the environment


                Adopt environmental protection technology, beautiful appearance and atmosphere


                Carefully select raw materials, strict control, to ensure product quality


                Support appearance, scale and size personalized batch customization


                Have their own production line, production experience


                Perfect after-sales service system, 24 hours online customer service for your service



                Winding film manufacturer: how to detect the quality of winding film

                Winding film is very common in our daily life. Its application limitations are very wide, and it is involved in various industries, so that friends need winding film more and more. However, friends must pay attention to a few problems when buying winding film. What is very common is about the qu

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